Lesson 3 - Add New Item Row

To allow end-users to add new records, show the New Item Row in the grid.

Open the HelloGrid solution created in Lesson 2 of the current Getting Started tutorial and set the GridControl.NewItemRowVisibility property to true.

<dxGrid:GridControl x:Name="grid" ItemsSource="{Binding Orders}" 
                   NewItemRowVisibility="true" >
    <!-- ... -->

The New Item Row will be shown above grid's rows. When an end-user taps it, a row editor (an in-place editor or edit form, depending on the row edit mode set in the grid) is invoked. After an end-user sets required cell values in this editor and taps Apply (or Done), a new row is added.



Go on to Lesson 4 of the current Getting Started tutorial to learn how to group data in the grid.