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How to: Customize the Spelling Options Dialog

  • 2 minutes to read

The following example demonstrates how to customize the Spelling Options Dialog by doing the following.

  1. Handle the SpellChecker.OptionsFormShowing event. It is raised when the form is about to be shown.
  2. Retrieve the Spelling Options Dialog’s form from the SpellChecker.FormsManager collection.
  3. Modify the form’s Controls collection to hide default controls and/or to add custom one. To retrieve the desired default control, call the Find method.

View Example

private void spellChecker1_OptionsFormShowing(object sender, DevExpress.XtraSpellChecker.FormShowingEventArgs e)
    var optionsForm = spellChecker1.FormsManager.OptionsForm;
    // You can hide the 'Add' button 
    spellChecker1.FormsManager.SpellCheckForm.Controls["btnAdd"].Visible = false;

    // Or suppress the entire panel 
    GroupControl grpEditCustomDic = optionsForm.Controls.Find("grpEditCustomDic", true)[0] as GroupControl;
    grpEditCustomDic.Visible = false;
    optionsForm.Controls.Find("grpInternationDocs", true)[0].Top = grpEditCustomDic.Top;
    optionsForm.Controls.Find("xtraTabControl1", true)[0].Height -= grpEditCustomDic.Height;
    optionsForm.Height -= grpEditCustomDic.Height;


The image below demonstrates a customized Spelling Options Dialog.


Table of Controls

The code sample above utilizes default control names to access them. The following table gives names for all of these default controls owned by a Spelling Options dialog.

Element Caption Control Name
Spelling tab XtraTabControl xtraTabControl1
Spelling tab page XtraTabPage xtraTabPage1
Apply button SimpleButton btnApply
Cancel button SimpleButton btnCancel
OK button SimpleButton btnOK
General Options group GroupControl grpGeneral
Ignore E-mails check edit CheckEdit chkEmails
Ignore Words With MiXeDcASe check edit CheckEdit chkMixedCase
Ignore words with numbers check edit CheckEdit chkNumbers
Ignore repeated words check edit CheckEdit chkRepeatedWords
Ignore words in UPPERCASE check edit CheckEdit chkUpperCase
Ignore Internet and file addresses check edit CheckEdit chkWebSites
Edit Custom Dictionary group GroupControl grpEditCustomDic
Add, change or remove words from your custom dictionary Label lblChange
Edit button SimpleButton btnEditDictionary
International Dictionaries group GroupControl grpInternationDocs
Choose the dictionary to use when checking your spelling Label lblChooseDic
Language Label lblLanguage
Language combo box edit ComboBoxEdit cbLanguage