Mail Merge Ribbon Tab

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The Mail Merge Ribbon page contains various command buttons that can be useful when creating a mail merge template.


  • External Data Sources

    You can invoke the Data Source Wizard to add new external data source, select one of the existing connections or data sources and configure it. You can create and modify queries using the Query Designer and specify table relations using Master-Detail Relations Editor.

  • Multiple Documents, Multiple Sheets, Single Sheet

    Three modes are available to specify whether data records should be merged into separate workbooks, separate worksheets in a single workbook, or a single worksheet.

  • Document Orientation

    You can specify the direction in which the detail level will be repeated in the resulting report.

  • Template Ranges

    Detail, header and footer ranges can be specified in a mail merge template. Template ranges are used for specifying the structure of a resulting worksheet, as well as for sorting, grouping and filtering data. You can also create complex master-detail reports by adding nested levels within a detail range to merge data from child data members of a hierarchical data source.

  • Sort & Group

    You can sort data in each detail range individually, and split sorted data into groups based on identical values in data fields by creating group headers and footers. See the How to: Sort Data and How to: Group Data examples.

  • Filter

    You can filter data in each detail range individually. See the How to: Filter Data example.

  • Mail Merge Design View

    You can use the special Mail Merge Design View to modify the template structure visually.

  • Mail Merge Preview

    You can preview how a document is generated and filled with data after mail merge is performed. Note that if the Multiple Documents mail merge mode is used, only the first merged workbook is shown in the preview window.

To add the Mail Merge page to the Ribbon UI, click the SpreadsheetControl's smart tag and select Mail Merge from the invoked SpreadsheetControl Tasks menu. Note that if you select Create All Bars in this menu, the Mail Merge tab is not generated.