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Lesson 1 - Create a Simple Unbound TreeMap

  • 3 minutes to read

This lesson details the steps required to build a simple unbound TreeMap diagram.

To create a simple unbound chart, do the following.

Step 1. Create a New Project

In this step, a new WinForms application will be created and a TreeMap Control will be added to the application’s Form.

  • Run MS Visual Studio.
  • Create a new Windows Forms Application project.

    To do this, select the File | New | Project… menu item. In the invoked dialog, select the Windows | Classic Desktop template group, then select the Win Forms Application item. Specify the name of the project as TreeMapLesson1 and click OK.


  • Add the TreeMapControl to the application’s Form.

    To do this, open the Form designer. Then, drag the TreeMapControl item from the Toolbox’s DX.22.2: Data & Analytics tab to the form.


  • Dock the TreeMap in the form.

    To do this, click the TreeMap control to select it. Then, click its smart tag and in the invoked window, select the Dock in Parent Container item.


All the preparatory work is complete. In the next step, the TreeMap will be populated with data.

Step 2. Populate a TreeMap with Data

In this step, the following data table will be visualized using the TreeMap Control.

Region Country GDP (million of USD)
Americas United States 17.418
Americas Brazil 2.353
Asia China 10.380
Asia Japan 4.616
Asia India 2.049
Europe Germany 3.859
Europe United Kingdom 2.945
Europe France 2.846
Europe Italy 2.147
Europe Russia 1.857

To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Assign the TreeMapItemStorage object to the TreeMapControl.DataAdapter property.


  • Then, expand the adapter’s properties and click the ellipsis button opposite the TreeMapItemStorage.Items property. In the invoked TreeMapItem Collection Editor, expand the list of available items clicking the Expand button. After that, select TreeMapItem to add the first group item.


  • For the newly created item, set the TreeMapItem.Label to Americas. This value will be used as the group label.


  • Add children elements. To do this, click the ellipsis button opposite the TreeMapItem.Children property. In the invoked TreeMapItem Collection Editor dialog, click Add to add a leaf item.


  • For the added leaf item, set the TreeMapItem.Label to United States and the TreeMapItem.Value to 17.418.


  • Repeat previous steps to add table rows to the TreeMap.

The image below represents the launched application with a TreeMap control populated with data.


Proceed to the next step to learn how to customize the appearance of the TreeMap control.

Step 3. Customize the Appearance of the TreeMap

In this step, the style of the group header, text patterns of group headers and leafs will be configured. Also, the colorizer that provides colors to tree map items will be customized.

Now, the application is finished.


Run the application. The following image represents the launched application.


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