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Node Image

Nodes can display two images.

  • Select Image - Typically indicates the node selection (focus) state. However, the same select image can be displayed for a node regardless of the node state. The TreeList provides a mechanism to automatically substitute a select image when a node receives/loses focus.
  • State Image - Typically indicates any state of a node.

If both select and state images are specified, the select image is displayed first.


The table below lists the main properties affecting element appearance.

Select Image

TreeList.ImageIndexFieldName property

TreeListNode.SelectImageIndex and TreeListNode.ImageIndex properties

TreeList.GetSelectImage event

Source of select images: TreeList.SelectImageList

State Image

TreeListNode.StateImageIndex property

TreeList.GetStateImage event

Source of state images: TreeList.StateImageList

Custom Draw

TreeList.CustomDrawNodeImages event

Vertical Alignment

TreeListOptionsView.ExpandButtonCentered property


TreeList.SelectImageClick event

TreeList.StateImageClick event

Show Mode

TreeListOptionsView.RowImagesShowMode property

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