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Record Configuration Dialog

The Record Configuration dialog allows you to modify options that affect the test playback during recording. When you click the Start recording a test Record test actions button on the Test Editor's toolbar to continue recording, TestCafe Studio replays the existing test actions using the specified options and awaits new actions.

To open the dialog, click the Settings button button next to the Record Browser drop-down menu on the main toolbar.

Record Configuration Dialog

You can configure the following options:

Options Description Default
Selector timeout Specifies the time (in milliseconds) element selectors can obtain target DOM elements. 10000
Assertion timeout Specifies the time (in milliseconds) an assertion can take to pass. The assertion retries to pass multiple times within this timeout, and each time it verifies the actual value. The test fails if the assertion could not be completed successfully within the timeout. 3000
Speed Specifies the test speed from 0.01 to 1. 1
Debug mode Activates the debug mode. Disabled