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Reports Panel

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The Reports panel shows a test run’s progress and result.

Reports Panel

Each row in the Reports panel corresponds to a single test run. A test run can consist of an individual test, all tests from a particular directory or fixture, or a group of tests from different fixtures. Refer to Run Tests for more information.

A row in the Reports panel indicates:

  • the test run’s name,
  • a progress bar that shows the test run’s progress,
  • the test run’s start date and time,
  • the test run’s duration,
  • a counter that shows the total number of tests and the number of passed and failed tests.

The progress bar and counter color indicates a test run’s outcome:

  • green - all tests passed;
  • red - some test failed;
  • gray - undefined (for instance, a test run was interrupted).

View a Detailed Report

Click a Reports panel row to view a completed test run’s report. This opens the Report view that displays the test run’s details. Refer to Report View for more information.

Stop Test Run

Click the Stop Test Stop button to stop a test run. This button is only displayed when a test run is in progress.

Clear Results

Click the Clear Reports Clear reports button in the panel header to remove all the test run results from the Reports panel.

Note that this operation cannot be undone.

Hide Reports Panel

Use the Collapse Panel Collapse Panel button to hide the Reports panel.

This hides only the panel content. You can use the Expand Panel Expand Panel button to display the panel again.