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Fixture Properties Dialog

When you create a new fixture, you can specify its properties in the invoked Fixture Properties dialog.

The dialog also allows you to modify an existing fixture’s properties.

Fixture Properties dialog

You can specify the following settings:

Setting Description
Fixture name The name of the fixture.
File name The name of the file in which this fixture is stored. If unspecified, TestCafe Studio generates a file name based on the Fixture name.
Web page The tested webpage’s URL. TestCafe Studio supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Use the file://hostname/path scheme to test web pages on your local network. Use the file:///path scheme to test webpages on the local file system.

Basic HTTP/NTLM Authentication Settings

Expand the Basic HTTP/NTLM authentication section to specify user credentials for web pages with Basic HTTP or Windows (NTLM) protection.

Fixture Properties dialog with expanded authentication options

Setting Description
Username The account’s username.
Password The password for the account.
Domain (optional) The domain name (for NTLM authentication).
Workstation (optional) The workstation’s ID in the local network (for NTLM authentication).