How to: Create a Table

The example below demonstrates how to format a range of cells as a table.

  1. To create a table, add a new Table object to the worksheet's collection of tables (Worksheet.Tables) by using the TableCollection.Add method. Pass the following parameters.

    • The range of cells that you wish to format as a table.
    • A Boolean value indicating whether or not the top row of the specified range should be used as the table header.
  2. Format the table by applying one of the built-in table styles. To do this, set the Table.Style property to the table style object from the Workbook.TableStyles collection. Access the desired style by its BuiltInTableStyleId identifier.
Worksheet worksheet = workbook.Worksheets[0];

// Insert a table in the worksheet.
Table table = worksheet.Tables.Add(worksheet["A1:F12"], false);

// Format the table by applying a built-in table style.
table.Style = workbook.TableStyles[BuiltInTableStyleId.TableStyleMedium20];
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