Data Processing Modes

The Web Dashboard allows you to use two data processing modes that are responsible for performing data-related operations (such as grouping, filtering, etc.). These modes include server and client modes. To learn basic concepts about operating these modes, see Data Processing Modes.

Change Data Processing Mode

Different data source types allow you to manage the current data processing mode in different ways.

For all data source types, you can use the IDashboardDataSource.IsServerModeSupported property to determine whether or not the current data source supports server-side data processing.

Server Mode Limitations

In server mode, the Dashboard does not have simultaneous access to bound data in its entirety. This imposes some limitations.

  • Stored procedures are not supported in server mode.
  • Stored procedures executed using custom SQL are not supported in server mode.
  • Some calculated fields cannot be evaluated in server mode.
  • The Count Distinct summary function is not supported for the following database engines:

    • Microsoft Access
    • Microsoft SQL Server CE
  • The Median summary function is supported for the Oracle data provider only.
  • The Mode summary function is supported for the Oracle and PostgreSQL data providers only.
  • The Bound Image and Grid dashboard items can display images only from the following types of databases:

    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL