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Manage Data Sources

You can add a new data source to the current dashboard or remove existing data sources. To do this, open the dashboard menu and go to the Data Sources page.

Add a Data Source

Click Add next to the Used Data Sources list to add a new data source:


The Add Data Source window appears.


The window allows you to do the following:

Action Description
Add an existing data source Select the data source and click the Add button.
Create a new data source Click Create data source…. It invokes the Dashboard Data Source Wizard where you can create a new data source based on the predefined data connection. Then click Add to add the newly created data source to the dashboard data sources.

You can find the newly added data source in the Used Data Sources list.

Manage Data Sources

Select a data source to manage it:


Click the Rename button () to rename the selected data source. The Rename Data Source dialog appears and you can enter a new name:

To remove an existing data source, select it and click Remove (WDD-icon-delete-data-source).