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Stored Procedures

When you use a stored procedure to supply the dashboard with data, you should specify the stored procedure parameters. To do this, in the Dashboard Data Source Wizard dialog, select the stored procedure, and click Next.

Data Source Wizard - Stored Procedures

On the next page, configure the parameters.

Data Source Wizard - Parameter Settings

The following parameter settings are available:

Displays the parameter’s name.
Specifies the parameter’s type.

Specifies the parameter’s value. If the parameter type is set to Expression, you can invoke the Expression Editor dialog to specify the expression. For example, you can select an existing dashboard parameter to pass to the stored procedure.

For more information on how to specify the parameter value, refer to the following section: Provide the Query Parameter Value.

Click Finish to complete query modifications.


If you bind a DashboardSqlDataSource component to a stored procedure that returns multiple data tables, the Dashboard Control uses only the first table.