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You can assign icons to different DevExpress Blazor components. For example, assign icons to series legend items in a Chart, nodes in a Tree View, items in a Toolbar, and so on.

You can assign the icon as a URL or CSS class if you use predefined sets such as the DevExtreme Icon Library, Iconic, or Bootstrap-recommended libraries. DevExpress Blazor components also support custom icon libraries.


Microsoft’s Blazor App template includes the Iconic library. To learn more about this template, see the following topic: Microsoft Templates (NuGet Packages).

Use the IconUrl property to specify a URL for an icon in the following navigation components:

Component Unbound Mode Bound Mode
DxMenu MenuItem.IconUrl DxMenuDataMapping.IconUrl
DxContextMenu ContextMenuItem.IconUrl DxContextMenuDataMapping.IconUrl
DxTreeView TreeViewNode.IconUrl DxTreeViewDataMapping.IconUrl

Specify the IconCssClass property to change the appearance of the icon specified by the IconUrl property. The example below shows how to assign an icon to a toolbar item and specify its size:

    .my-style {
        width: 15px;

        <DxTreeViewNode Name="Overview" 
                        IconCssClass="my-style" />
        <DxTreeViewNode Name="Editors" Text="Data Editors" Expanded="true">
                <DxTreeViewNode Text="Combobox" NavigateUrl="" />
                <DxTreeViewNode Text="Spin Edit" NavigateUrl="" />
        <DxTreeViewNode Name="FormLayout" Text="Form Layout" NavigateUrl="" />
        <DxTreeViewNode Name="TreeView" Text="TreeView" NavigateUrl="" />

Path to the TreeView Icon

Run Demo: TreeView - Overview

For other components or when you can assign an icon as a CSS class, use the IconCssClass property. The code below demonstrates how to assign Iconic icons to Toolbar items:

<div class="card p-2 bg-transparent">
        <DxToolbarItem Text="Item" />
        <DxToolbarItem Text="Link to the next demo" 
                       NavigateUrl="" />
        <DxToolbarItem BeginGroup="true" IconCssClass="oi oi-align-left" />
        <DxToolbarItem IconCssClass="oi oi-align-center" />
        <DxToolbarItem IconCssClass="oi oi-align-right" />
        <DxToolbarItem IconCssClass="oi oi-cog" 
                       BeginGroup="true" />
        <DxToolbarItem Text="About" IconCssClass="oi oi-info" />

Toolbar Overview

Run Demo: Toolbar - Overview

DevExtreme Icon Library

DevExtreme includes SVG and font icons for all DevExtreme themes. You can find all available icons in the following topic: DevExtreme Icons.

Add a link to one of the DevExtreme themes in the _Layout.cshtml file to access the icon set. Specify dx-icon-<icon-name> as the IconCssClass property value, where icon-name is the name of the icon you want to use.

The example below shows how to assign DevExtreme icons to Toolbar items:

<div class="card p-2 bg-transparent">
        <DxToolbarItem Text="Item" />
        <DxToolbarItem Text="Link to the next demo" 
                       NavigateUrl="" />
        <DxToolbarItem BeginGroup="true" IconCssClass="dx-icon-alignleft" />
        <DxToolbarItem IconCssClass="dx-icon-aligncenter" />
        <DxToolbarItem IconCssClass="dx-icon-alignright" />
        <DxToolbarItem IconCssClass="dx-icon-preferences" 
                       BeginGroup="true" />
        <DxToolbarItem Text="About" IconCssClass="dx-icon-info" />

Toolbar with DevExtreme icons

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