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Main Features

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Editors included in the MVC Extensions Suite provide the following benefits, making it much easier to implement a fully-functional and easy-to-use data editing form.

  • A wide range of extensions.

    There are already over twenty extensions included in the suite and there are more to come. The large number of extensions at your disposal ensures that you can find the one that provides the best experience for end-users.

    refer to the Editor List topic for the list of currently available editors.

  • Client-side adaptability.

    To reduce the risk of error and make it easier for end-users to enter data, you may need to dynamically change content in data editors. You may be required to filter values in list boxes or populate combo boxes with different values depending on other extensions. To provide a superior user interface, these operations should be done on the client. And we fully support this functionality.

    refer to the Client-Side API topic to learn more.

  • User input validation.

    DevExpress MVC data editors support various validation mechanisms. The table below contains links to help topics and demos that describe all the supported validation approaches.

    Validation Approach Help Topic Demo
    Built-in Validation Built-in Validation Built-in Validation
    Model Validation Model Validation Model Validation
    Unobtrusive Validation Unobtrusive Client Validation Unobtrusive Validation
    jQuery Validation jQuery Client Validation jQuery Validation
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