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Pivot Grid

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The DevExpress MVCxPivotGrid allows you to create a pivot table for multi-dimensional data analysis. Using the Pivot Grid, large amounts of data can be summarized and represented in a cross-tabular format that can be sorted, grouped and filtered. This section contain documentation about the PivotGridExtension.

Getting Started


Topics in this section demonstrate the PivotGrid basic functionality and provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to add the PivotGrid extension to your application.

Integration into the Project


This topic describes how to integrate the PivotGrid extension into ASP.NET MVC applications when creating a new web project or modifying an existing project.

Binding to Data


Topics in this section describe how to supply the MVC PivotGrid with data.

Main Features


This topic lists features that are unique to PivotGrid.

To learn about features that are common to all extensions in our MVC library, refer to the MVC Main Features topic.


To get more information about PivotGrid, see the following sections.