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The Diagram extension (DiagramExtension) allows you to design diagrams, flowcharts, and org charts online, or display data diagrams without manual drawing. You can also save and load diagrams in the JSON format, or export to image formats.

Run Demo: Diagram

Diagram extension overview

Implementation Details

Use the Diagram helper method to add the Diagram extension (DiagramExtension) to a view. The Diagram method’s parameter provides access to the Diagram’s settings (DiagramSettings).

The MVCxClientDiagram class object represents the Diagram’s client counterpart.


The following code illustrates how to add the Diagram to a view:

@Html.DevExpress().Diagram(settings => {
    settings.Name = "Diagram";


Data Binding
The Diagram can create diagrams from hierarchical (tree-like) and graph data structures, and automatically arrange this data on the page. You can bind all shape properties to a database, including shape and connector styles, position, and size.
(See demo: Node and Edge Data Sources) | (See demo: Tree from Linear Data Structure)
Export to PNG, JPEG, SVG
You can export a diagram to SVG, PNG, and JPEG file formats.
Predefined and Custom Shapes
The Diagram provides more than 40 built-in shapes that can be extended with custom shapes. For each custom shape object, you can specify the type, background image, default size, text, connection points, and so on. (See demo)
Collapsible Shape Containers
The horizontal and vertical containers allow you to arrange shapes into collapsible groups. (See demo)
OrgChart Shapes
The extension provides shapes with images that are specially designed for use in OrgCharts.
The Diagram supports the template technology that allows you to completely customize a custom shape’s appearance and layout.
Simple View
In simple view mode, the extension does not divide the work area into pages and the Diagram’s content occupies all the available area inside the extension. (See demo)
Restrict Edit Operations
The Diagram allows you to prohibit edit operations at design time or at run time based on custom logic. (See demo)
Read Only Mode
Read only mode does not allow the Diagram to be edited. (See demo)
Diagram Tools
The extension allows you to customize its UI elements.