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Check Box

Check Boxes allow end-users to check/uncheck nodes. The TreeView allows you to change the appearance and visibility of all check boxes or customize a particular node’s check box.

TreeView - VE - Check Boxes

The table below lists the main members that affect element appearance and functionality.





TreeViewNode.AllowCheck (via MVCxTreeViewNode.AllowCheck)


TreeViewStyles.NodeCheckBox (via TreeViewSettings.Styles.NodeCheckBox),

TreeViewNode.CheckBoxStyle (via MVCxTreeViewNode.CheckBoxStyle),

TreeViewStyles.NodeCheckBoxFocused (via TreeViewSettings.Styles.NodeCheckBoxFocused)

A check box can be in one of the states listed in the table below. You can specify an image for check boxes in a particular check state.

Check Box State Appearance CheckState property value Image Member
Grayed TreeView_CheckState_Indeterminate CheckState.Indeterminate TreeViewImages.CheckBoxGrayed (via TreeViewSettings.Images.CheckBoxGrayed)
Checked TreeView_CheckState_Checked CheckState.Checked TreeViewImages.CheckBoxChecked (via TreeViewSettings.Images.CheckBoxChecked)
Unchecked TreeView_CheckState_Unchecked CheckState.Unchecked TreeViewImages.CheckBoxUnchecked (via TreeViewSettings.Images.CheckBoxUnchecked)