TreeListSettingsText.RecursiveDeleteError Property

Gets or sets the error text displayed when deleting a parent node.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.ASPxTreeList

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.ASPxTreeList.v19.2.dll


[DefaultValue("The node has descendant nodes.")]
public string RecursiveDeleteError { get; set; }
<DefaultValue("The node has descendant nodes.")>
Public Property RecursiveDeleteError As String

Property Value

Type Default Description

"The node has descendant nodes."

A string value that specifies the error text.


If the TreeListSettingsEditing.AllowRecursiveDelete option is disabled, parent nodes cannot be deleted. When deleting a parent node the error message is displayed (see the image below):


The RecursiveDeleteError property allows you to provide your own error text.

To learn more, see Adding and Deleting Nodes.

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