ASPxScheduler.PrepareAppointmentFormPopupContainer Event

Occurs when the pop-up container for the Appointment Form is prepared for display.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.ASPxScheduler

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.ASPxScheduler.v19.2.dll


public event ASPxSchedulerPrepareFormPopupContainerHandler PrepareAppointmentFormPopupContainer
Public Event PrepareAppointmentFormPopupContainer As ASPxSchedulerPrepareFormPopupContainerHandler

Event Data

The PrepareAppointmentFormPopupContainer event handler receives an argument of the ASPxSchedulerPrepareFormPopupContainerEventArgs type. The following properties provide information specific to this event.

Property Description
Popup Provides access to the popup window containing the form.


Handle the PrepareAppointmentFormPopupContainer event to modify the pop-up container of the Appointment Form. This container is available using the ASPxSchedulerPrepareFormPopupContainerEventArgs.Popup property of the event arguments.

For example, you can easily modify the caption, back color and paddings of the form using the following code:


A complete sample project is available in the DevExpress Code Examples database at

protected void ASPxScheduler1_PrepareAppointmentFormPopupContainer(object sender, 
ASPxSchedulerPrepareFormPopupContainerEventArgs e) {
    e.Popup.HeaderText = "You can edit the details about a meeting here";
    e.Popup.Width = Unit.Pixel(800);
    e.Popup.BackColor = Color.Wheat;
    e.Popup.ContentStyle.Paddings.Padding = Unit.Pixel(0);

The resulting form is shown in the picture below:


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