Member Table: Upload Files


Member Description
FileManagerSettings.AllowedFileExtensions Gets or sets the file extensions allowed for display in the ASPxFileManager.
FileManagerSettingsUpload.AllowedFolder Obsolete. Gets or sets a value that specifies whether uploading is available for a specified folder only.
FileManagerSettingsUpload.AllowedFolderPath Obsolete. Specifies a path to a folder, where users can upload files.
FileManagerSettingsUpload.Enabled Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the upload panel is enabled.
FileManagerImages.FolderLocked Gets the settings that define the image displayed within the locked folder.
FileManagerSettingsFolders.ShowLockedFolderIcons Gets or sets a value specifying whether the ASPxFileManager control displays a special icon for folders that are locked for upload.
FileManagerStyles.UploadPanel Gets the style settings that define the appearance of the upload panel.
FileManagerSettingsUpload.ValidationSettings Gets the upload validation settings.


Members Description
ASPxClientFileManager.FileUploaded Occurs on the client side after a file has been uploaded.
ASPxClientFileManager.FileUploading Obsolete. Fires on the client side before a file upload starts, and allows you to cancel the action.
ASPxFileManager.FileUploading Fires on the server side before a file is uploaded, and allows you to cancel the action.