Included Components

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The table below lists the Multi-Use Site Controls, their namespaces and proper client-side equivalent objects, if any (to view controls sorted based upon namespace names, refer to Ribbon Gallery Items).

Logo Server Control Server Control Namespace Client Object Overview Topic Description
logo_ASPxCallback.png ASPxCallback DevExpress.Web ASPxClientCallback ASPxCallback Overview A non-visual component that allows callbacks to be sent from the client side and processed both on the server and client sides.
logo_ASPxCallbackPanel.png ASPxCallbackPanel DevExpress.Web ASPxClientCallbackPanel ASPxCallbackPanel Overview A panel control that acts as a container for other controls, and allows its content to be updated via callbacks
ASPxCaptcha-logo.png ASPxCaptcha DevExpress.Web.Captcha ASPxClientCaptcha ASPxCaptcha Overview A control for the challenge-response authentication.
ASPxGlobalEvents-logo.png ASPxGlobalEvents DevExpress.Web ASPxClientGlobalEvents None A non visual component that exposes a set of server and client events allowing a custom logic common to all DevExpress web controls on the form to be implemented centrally.
ASPxHiddenField-Icon ASPxHiddenField DevExpress.Web ASPxClientHiddenField ASPxHiddenField Overview A non-visual component that is capable of storing a set of values of different types, and synchronizing them between the server and client sides across round trips.
logo_ASPxObjectContainer.png ASPxObjectContainer DevExpress.Web ASPxClientObjectContainer ASPxObjectContainer Overview A container control that allows media data (flash, image, video, audio) to be present on a web page.
logo_ASPxPanel.png ASPxPanel DevExpress.Web ASPxClientPanel ASPxPanel Overview A panel control that acts as a container for other controls.
ASPxRatingControl-Icon ASPxRatingControl DevExpress.Web ASPxClientRatingControl ASPxRatingControl Overview A web control that allows end users to rate the content by selecting the number of items images (by default, stars).
logo_ASPxRoundPanel.png ASPxRoundPanel DevExpress.Web ASPxClientRoundPanel ASPxRoundPanel Overview A container panel with rounded corners.
logo_ASPxTimer.png ASPxTimer DevExpress.Web ASPxClientTimer ASPxTimer Overview A timer control that generates recurring events at specified time intervals.