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More Buttons

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The “More” buttons are used to show more appointments for a particular day by scrolling to the next appointment. They may appear in the Day View and Work-Week View scheduler views.



Week View and Month (Multi-Week) View presents another visual representation of these elements and indicate that there are appointments for this day which cannot be displayed, due to insufficient space laid out for the day’s cells. The “Show more” inscription appears as an underlined text string in the time cell area. The mouse cursor morphs to a hand when moving over the element, and clicking the text results in the scheduler’s view changing to Day View, enabling the user to scroll the cells and review the hidden appointments.

The “Show more” buttons are illustrated in the following picture:



The table below lists the main properties and events related to the “More” buttons:


Setting the SchedulerViewBase.ShowMoreButtons property to false prevents the “More” buttons from displaying. The default value is true.

Click event

The ASPxClientScheduler.MoreButtonClicked client-side event is raised each time a button is clicked. The server-side event ASPxScheduler.MoreButtonClicked always occurs on button click in Month (Multi-Week) View.Views and Week View.Views. For Day View.Views and Work-Week View.Views you should handle the corresponding client - side event and change the handler code to enable server processing by setting e.processOnServer = true.