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Scheduler Elements

The ASPxScheduler Suite provides a set of multi-purpose elements that deliver a scheduling feature to your application. The topics in this section describe these elements’ main functionality and how these elements can be used together.

The following topics are available in this section.

  • ASPxScheduler Control

    This topic describes the ASPxScheduler control, which is used to implement the main user interface functionality in the scheduling application. This control displays scheduled appointment data on a form using a predefined view and also responds to various end-user actions.

  • ASPxDateNavigator

    This topic describes the ASPxDateNavigator control which is used to navigate through appointment data within the ASPxScheduler. The ASPxDateNavigator allows end-users to navigate through dates and to change the scheduler’s view.

  • ASPxSchedulerStorageControl

    This topic describes the ASPxSchedulerStorageControl control which is a non-visual component that enables you to implement scheduler-based data operations using third-party web controls.