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Time Scales

Time scales are displayed within the Timeline View to indicate time intervals to which the appointments belong.



The table below lists the main properties which affect the appearance of the TimeScales:


A collection of TimeScales is accessible via the TimelineView.Scales property. It contains several predefined elements - “Year”, “Quarter”, “Month”, “Week”, “Day”, “Hour”, “00:15:00” and allows adding custom scales. Each scale can be disabled by setting the TimeScale.Enabled property to false, so it becomes unavailable for the end-user. The TimeScale.Visible property is used to show or hide a particular scale.


The text string, representing the name of the time scale in the drop-down context menu, is specified via the MenuCaption property. To format the time values, displayed on the time scales, the TimeScale.DisplayFormat property is used.


For user-defined scales the time interval is specified via the Value property, and should not exceed 24 hours.