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Time Ruler

Time rulers are used to display the time intervals which are specified by the DayView.VisibleTime property. A time ruler can show a caption, which is used to indicate a time zone or a geographical region. The image below illustrates a scheduler’s Day View with time rulers:



The table below lists the main properties which affect the appearance of the Time rulers:


A collection of TimeRuler elements for the current view is accessible via the DayView.TimeRulers property.

Time Scale

The scale of the time rulers is specified via the DayView.TimeScale property.

Time Zone

Each time ruler displays time according to its time zone setting, specified via the TimeRuler.TimeZoneId property. The default time ruler uses the SchedulerOptionsBehaviorBase.ClientTimeZoneId setting.


The TimeRuler.Caption property specifies the text, displayed in the Time ruler to indicate its location attribute.

Time Marker

The DayView.TimeMarkerVisibility property specifies whether the current time is indicated in the time ruler. The Time Marker is displayed to indicate current time.