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ASPxClientScheduler.MoreButtonClicked Event

Occurs when one of More Buttons is clicked.


MoreButtonClicked: ASPxClientEvent<MoreButtonClickedEventHandler<ASPxClientScheduler>>

Event Data

The MoreButtonClicked event's data class is MoreButtonClickedEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
handled Gets or sets whether an event is handled. If it is handled, default actions are not required.
interval Gets the time interval of the cell where the button is located.
processOnServer Specifies whether or not to process the event on the server. Inherited from ASPxClientProcessingModeEventArgs.
resource Gets the resource identifier associated with the cell where the button is located.
targetDateTime Gets the Start or End values of the target appointment.


Use the MoreButtonClickedEventArgs.targetDateTime value to get the projected boundary of the visible area. There are two distinct scenarios for the More button click action. In a Day View.Views or a Work-Week View.Views, the area is scrolled up to display a previous appointment (in this case you’ll get the target appointment’s Appointment.Start) or down to display the next appointment (you’ll get the target appointment’s Appointment.End). When the button is clicked in Week View.Views, Month (Multi-Week) View.Views or Timeline View.Views, the Scheduler switches to Day View.Views and the targetDateTime is set to the beginning of that day.

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