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Non-MailMerge field

Generates a table of contents, table of figures, table of tables, or table of equations depending on the field switches.

Note, the TOC field is not updated when a document is printed.

{ TOC [ switches ] }

Switch Description
Without switches the table of contents is built based on heading paragraphs.
\h Inserts table of contents entries as hyperlinks.
\n “LevelStart-LevelEnd Omits page numbers from the table of contents in the specified levels (for example, { TOC \n 1-1 } omits page numbers from level 1). If the range is not specified, omits page numbers from all levels.
\u Uses the applied paragraph outline level.
\o “LevelStart-LevelEnd Builds a table of contents from paragraphs with specified outline levels. For example, { TOC \o “1-3” } lists only paragraphs with outline levels 1 through 3.
\c “Seq Field Identifier Builds a table of contents from items that are numbered by SEQ fields. The sequence identifier designated by text in this switch’s field-argument shall match the identifier in the corresponding TOC field.
\f “TC Identifier Builds a table of contents from TC fields. TC field identifier must exactly match the text in this switch’s field-argument.
\l “LevelStart-LevelEnd Used with \f. Builds a table of contents from TC fields that assign entries to one of the specified levels. For example, { TOC \f \l 1-3} lists only TC fields with l switch argument 1 through 3.
\p “Separator Specified the characters that separate the sequence numbers and page numbers. The default is a tab with leader dots. You can use up to five characters, which must be enclosed in quotation marks.
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