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Field Codes

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Field codes appear between curly braces ( { } ). Select the Toggle Field Codes context menu command to switch between a field result and field code.

Field code has the following syntax:

{ FIELDNAME Properties Switches }

  • FIELDNAME - the name of the field.
  • Properties - instructions/variables used in a particular field. This is an optional element.
  • Switches - an additional parameter that provides more information. This is an optional element. Refer to the Format Switches section for a list of supported format switches.

Supported Fields

Field Name Functionality
DATE Inserts the current date and time.
DOCVARIABLE Allows you to programmatically insert complex content when this field is updated.
FILLIN Displays an input with prompt text and inserts a user’s response.
HYPERLINK Allows you to navigate to another location or bookmark.
MERGEFIELD Retrieves a value from the bound data source.
NUMPAGES Inserts the total number of pages.
PAGE Inserts the number of the page containing the field.
TIME Inserts the current time.
TOC Inserts the Table of Contents.
SEQ Inserts the number of the figure/table/equations.
TC Inserts the alternate entry for the Table of Contents
PAGEREF Inserts a number of the page that stores the specified bookmark for a cross-reference.

Format Switches

The fields support the following format switches:

The Numeric Format Switch is not currently supported.

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