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How to: Show and Hide Windows

Server side

The popup control stores popup windows (PopupWindow objects) in the ASPxPopupControl.Windows collection. You can access an individual window by its index in the collection.

Set the PopupWindow.ShowOnPageLoad property value to true to show the window.

Client side

On the client side, each window is an ASPxClientPopupWindow object. Use the ASPxClientPopupControl.GetWindow or ASPxClientPopupControl.GetWindowByName method to obtain a popup window by its index or name respectively.

Pass the window object as a parameter to one of the following methods to show a specific window:

Use the ASPxClientPopupControl.HideWindow method to hide a popup window.


It is not possible to add windows to or remove them from the popup control on the client side. To change the collection, send a request to the server.