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Popup Control Appearance Customization

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ASPxPopupControl allows you to customize its appearance. You can set up style settings related to all its visual elements. There are two general ways to do this:


Apply a DevExpress Theme

The DevExpress ASP.NET control suite includes a set of predefined visual themes. To apply an available theme, assign its name to the ASPxWebControl.Theme property.

 <dx:ASPxPopupControl runat="server" ID="Popup" Theme="BlackGlass" ...>


A theme is set at the control level, so if your popup control contains several popup windows and one of the predefined themes is set for the control, this theme is applied to all popup windows. If you want to use different themes for different popup windows, use multiple popup controls for this purpose. You can also use the second approach to customize each window manually.

Customize the Appearance Manually

You can use corresponding style objects to define the appearance of individual UI elements. Style objects defined at the control level affect all popup windows in the collection (including the default window if the ASPxPopupControl.Windows collection is empty), unless the corresponding object is redefined at a particular window level (for example, the ASPxPopupControl.FooterStyle and PopupWindow.FooterStyle properties).

 <dx:ASPxPopupControl runat="server" ID="Popup" Theme="BlackGlass" ...>
    <HeaderStyle Font-Bold="true" Font-Italic="true" ForeColor="Red" />


The table below lists properties related to the main visual elements of the popup windows.

Element Property name Exists at the window level
Pin Button ASPxPopupControl.PinButtonStyle Yes (the PopupWindow.PinButtonStyle property).
Refresh Button ASPxPopupControl.RefreshButtonStyle Yes (the PopupWindow.RefreshButtonStyle property).
Collapse Button ASPxPopupControl.CollapseButtonStyle Yes (the PopupWindow.CollapseButtonStyle property).
Maximize Button ASPxPopupControl.MaximizeButtonStyle Yes (the PopupWindow.MaximizeButtonStyle property).
Close Button ASPxPopupControl.CloseButtonStyle Yes (the PopupWindow.CloseButtonStyle property).
Loading Panel ASPxPopupControl.LoadingPanelStyle No (can be set at the control level only).
Window Header ASPxPopupControl.HeaderStyle Yes (the PopupWindow.HeaderStyle property).
Window Footer ASPxPopupControl.FooterStyle Yes (the PopupWindow.FooterStyle property).
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