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Docking and Popups Components

The table below lists Docking and Popups controls and their client-side equivalent objects.

Logo Server Control Client Object Overview Topic Description
logo_ASPxDockManager.png ASPxDockManager ASPxClientDockManager Docking A non-visual component that allows users to manage docking panels and docking zones in a page.
logo_ASPxDockPanel.png ASPxDockPanel ASPxClientDockPanel Docking A panel control is a container for other controls. Users can drag the panel around a web page and dock it in docking zones.
logo_ASPxDockZone.png ASPxDockZone ASPxClientDockZone Docking A container where users can dock dock panels.
Hint-Icon ASPxHint ASPxClientHint Hint Control A web control that generates a hint message for a UI element on a web page.
ASPxLoadingPanel.png ASPxLoadingPanel ASPxClientLoadingPanel Loading Panel A loading panel control that can be invoked dynamically to display text and images.
logo_ASPxPopupControl.png ASPxPopupControl ASPxClientPopupControl Popup Control A web control that allows you to add popup window functionality to web pages.