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Page Size Item

The Page Size Item is used to specify a page size, i.e. amount of items placed on a page.


The table below lists the main members which affect the element's appearance and functionality:

Characteristics Members
Position PageSizeItemSettings.Position
Visibillity PagerButtonProperties.Visible

The Page Size Item contains the following elements.


The table below lists the main elements and their members, which affect the elements' appearance and functionality:

Element Members
Caption PageSizeItemSettings.Caption, PagerPageSizeItemStyle.CaptionSpacing
Combo Box PagerPageSizeItemStyle.ComboBoxStyle
Drop-Down Button PageSizeItemSettings.DropDownImage, PagerComboBoxStyle.DropDownButtonStyle, PagerComboBoxStyle.DropDownButtonSpacing
Drop-Down Window PagerComboBoxStyle.DropDownWindowStyle, PageSizeItemSettings.ShowPopupShadow
Items PageSizeItemSettings.Items, PagerComboBoxStyle.ItemStyle
AllItem PageSizeItemSettings.AllItemText, PageSizeItemSettings.ShowAllItem