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ASPxCardView allows end-users to change a selection using any of the following methods.


ASPxCardView supports single and multiple card selection modes. You can switch the mode using a single option. To learn more, refer to the Multiple Card Selection topic.


To get the ASPxCardView's selection, use the ASPxCardView.Selection property. The object returned by this property provides methods that allow you to select and deselect individual cards or all cards, obtain the number of selected cards, etc.

ASPxCardView provides a comprehensive client-side API that enables you to manage a selection in the same manner as on the server side. All these methods are listed in Member Table: Selections.

To respond to selection changes, handle the ASPxGridBase.SelectionChanged server event, or the ASPxClientCardView.SelectionChanged client event.


In this example, the ASPxClientCardView.SelectionChanged client-side event is handled to display selected contacts within the list box. Contact names are obtained using the ASPxClientCardView.GetSelectedFieldValues function.

The image below shows the result:


For more information, see ASPxCardView - Selection online demo.

function OnCardSelectionChanged(s, e) {
    s.GetSelectedFieldValues("FirstName;LastName", GetSelectedFieldValuesCallback);
function GetSelectedFieldValuesCallback(values) {
    try {
        for (var i = 0; i < values.length; i++) {
            selectionList.AddItem(values[i].join(' '));
    } finally {
    document.getElementById("selCount").innerHTML = cardView.GetSelectedCardCount();

The style settings used to paint selected cards can be accessed and customized using the CardViewStyles.SelectedCard property.


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