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Card View Appearance Customization

DevExpress offers several ways to customize ASPxCardView appearance.

  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Classes

    Use Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) classes. CSS styles define how elements are rendered and positioned on a page - so you have centralized control over the appearance of several controls or the entire website. ASPxCardView ships with a number of predefined themes. You can also create your own themes.


  • Built-in Styles

    ASPxCardView provides multiple styles, so you can customize the appearance of individual elements and manage the grid’s overall appearance. Each style property has a number of attributes that include: colors, font, borders, content alignment, text attributes, etc.

    You can use the ASPxCardView.Styles property to access these styles. The styles used to paint the Pager, the Filter Control and grid editors can be accessed by the ASPxGridBase.StylesPager, ASPxGridBase.StylesFilterControl and ASPxGridBase.StylesEditors properties, respectively.

    Grid columns use their own styles to paint headers, modified cells in batch edit mode, export cells and captions. These styles override corresponding ASPxCardView styles.