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Data Shaping and Manipulation

The topics in this section describe ASPxCardView data analysis features. Many of these data shaping capabilities are enabled with simple property settings.

  • Data Summaries

    You can calculate aggregate functions against all values within a column or column values within a group. ASPxCardView offers 5 built-in aggregate functions. Custom aggregate functions can be implemented using event handlers.

  • Filtering

    ASPxCardView allows end users to type text directly into the Filter Bar to filter data quickly. It also includes multiple methods that enable you to apply filter criteria to both a server or client.

  • Sorting

    ASPxCardView enables you to sort against an unlimited number of data columns (in ascending or descending order) programmatically. An end user can also sort data at runtime.

  • Grouping

    ASPxCardView allows you to group cards by one or more columns.