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Member Table: Filtering


Member Description
ASPxGridSettings.ShowFilterBar Specifies whether the filter bar is displayed.
GridDataColumnSettings.FilterMode Specifies how column values are filtered.
ASPxGridBase.FilterExpression Specifies the filter criteria that is applied to ASPxCardView.
CardViewColumn.FilterExpression Gets the column’s filter expression.
CardViewStyles.FilterBar Gets the style settings used to paint the Filter Bar.
ASPxCardView.SearchPanelEditorCreate Enables you to replace the default search panel editor with a custom editor.
ASPxCardView.SearchPanelEditorInitialize Enables you to customize the properties of an editor displayed within the search panel.
ASPxGridBase.FilterEnabled Gets or sets whether the current filter is enabled.
ASPxGridBase.ShowFilterControl Displays the Filter Control.
ASPxGridBase.HideFilterControl Hides the Filter Control.
ASPxGridBase.SearchPanelFilter Gets or sets the filter criteria that is applied to ASPxCardView via the search panel.


Member Description
ASPxClientCardView.ApplyFilter Applies the specified filter expression to the grid.
ASPxClientCardView.ApplySearchPanelFilter Applies the specified search panel filter criteria to grid data.
ASPxClientCardView.ClearFilter Clears the filter expression applied to a client ASPxCardView.
ASPxClientCardView.ShowFilterControl Displays the Filter Control.
ASPxClientCardView.CloseFilterControl Hides the Filter Control.