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Member Table: Sorting


Member Description
ASPxGridBase.SortCount Gets the number of columns involved in sorting.
CardViewColumn.SortAscending Sorts the column in ascending order.
CardViewColumn.SortDescending Sorts the column in descending order.
CardViewColumn.SortIndex Specifies the column’s position among sorted columns.
CardViewColumn.SortOrder Specifies the column’s sort order.
CardViewColumn.UnSort Clears the sorting applied to the column.
GridDataColumnSettings.AllowSort Gets or sets whether or not end-users can sort data by column values.
ASPxGridBehaviorSettings.SortMode Gets or sets how data is sorted.
ASPxGridBase.ClearSort Clears sorting applied to ASPxCardView.


Member Description
ASPxClientCardView.SortBy Sorts data by the values of the specified data column.
ASPxClientCardView.ColumnSorting Enables you to prevent columns from being sorted.