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ContextIdentifier.CompareTo(Object) Method

Compares the current ContextIdentifier with another ContextIdentifier.

Namespace: DevExpress.Persistent.Validation

Assembly: DevExpress.Persistent.Base.v19.1.dll


public int CompareTo(
    object obj
Public Function CompareTo(
    obj As Object
) As Integer


Name Type Description
obj Object

An object which can be cast to the ContextIdentifier type, to compare to the current context identifier.


Type Description

An integer value indicating whether the current instance precedes, follows, or occurs in the same position in the sort order as the other object.


This method returns a negative value if the current context identifier precedes the obj context identifier in the sort order. If the current context identifier follows the obj context identifier in the sort order, the method returns a positive value. If the context identifiers being compared occur in the same position in the sort order, zero is returned.

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