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NotificationsModule Class

The XAF module contained in the DevExpress.ExpressApp.Notifications.v19.1.dll assembly.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Notifications

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Notifications.v19.1.dll


[ToolboxTabName("DX.19.1: XAF Modules")]
public sealed class NotificationsModule :
<ToolboxTabName("DX.19.1: XAF Modules")>
Public NotInheritable Class NotificationsModule
    Inherits ModuleBase
    Implements INotificationsServiceOwner


This module implements the base functionality of the Notifications. There are two platform-specific module classes that should be used together with the NotificationsModule module - NotificationsModuleWeb and NotificationsModuleWin, contained in the DevExpress.ExpressApp.Notifications.Web.v19.1.dll and DevExpress.ExpressApp.Notifications.Win.v19.1.dll assemblies, respectively.

In the NotificationsModule module constructor, the NotificationsService object is created and assigned to the NotificationsModule.NotificationsService property. The NotificationsModule.NotificationsRefreshInterval property specifies the notifications refresh frequency is set to 5 minutes.


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