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ASPxClientReportToolbar Class

The client-side equivalent of the ASPxClientDocumentViewer control’s toolbar.


declare class ASPxClientReportToolbar extends ASPxClientControl


To access an ASPxClientReportToolbar, call the ASPxClientDocumentViewer.GetToolbar method.


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Cast(obj) Method

Converts the specified object to the current object’s type. This method is effective when you utilize the Client API IntelliSense feature provided by DevExpress.


static Cast(
    obj: any
): ASPxClientReportToolbar


Name Type Description
obj any

The client object to be type cast. Represents an instance of a DevExpress web control’s client object.


Type Description

An ASPxClientReportToolbar object.


The Cast method is implemented as a part of the JavaScript IntelliSense support for DevExpress ASP.NET controls and MVC extensions. So, using the Cast method is sensible when you intend to use IntelliSense during writing JavaScript code at design time with the help of the DevExpress client API.

A call to the Cast method (which is a static method) casts the specified client object to the ASPxClientReportToolbar type. As a result, the object’s type is now known and ASPxClientReportToolbar type specific IntelliSense information can be displayed for this client object, facilitating your coding.

The examples of this method application are as follows.

  • Converting the event source object passed to a client event’s handler:

    > ...
    >     <ClientSideEvents Init="function(s, e) { 
    >         var clientObject = ASPxClientReportToolbar.Cast(s);
    >     }" />
  • Converting a client object accessed by using the value of the ClientInstanceName (or ID) property. For instance, if a web control’s ClientInstanceName property is set to ‘ASPxClientReportToolbar1’, the object can be type cast in the following manner:

    > ...
    >     var clientObject = ASPxClientReportToolbar.Cast('ASPxClientReportToolbar1');

GetItemTemplateControl(name) Method

Provides access to the control template assigned for the specified menu item.


    name: string
): ASPxClientControl


Name Type Description
name string

A String value, specifying the menu item name.


Type Description

A control.