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Add a Chart (Set Up Series Manually)

  • 3 minutes to read

This document demonstrates how to add a chart to a report, provide data for chart series, and set up chart elements.


This topic shows two chart series based on the same data source. You can use different data sources for different series.

HowTo - AddChartNwind

Add a Chart to a Report

  1. Drop the XRChart control from the DX.24.1: Report Controls Toolbox tab onto the Detail band.

    HowTo - AddChartDropXRChart

    The Chart Designer wizard is invoked. Disable the Display the designer every time a new chart is added option if you do not want to trigger the wizard the next time you create a chart.


    Close the wizard at this stage.

  2. Click the chart’s smart tag to bind the chart to data. Expand the DataSource property’s drop-down and click Add Report Data Source.

    HowTo - AddChartDataSource

  3. The invoked Data Source Wizard enables you to create a data source and bind the chart to it.


Ensure that the report’s DataSource property is set to None when you place a chart into the Detail band. Otherwise, the chart is repeated as many times as there are records in the report’s data source.

Add Series to the Chart

  1. Click the chart’s smart tag. Click Run Designer in the invoked action list to invoke the Chart Designer.


  2. Add a new series to the chart.

    • Locate Series in the chart elements tree and click the plus button.
    • Select the series type (for example, Bar) from the invoked list.



    If you use 3D series in charts on Linux-based platforms, see the following instructions on how to configure your application: Use 3D Chart Series on Linux.

  3. Populate the created series with points.

    • Switch to the Data tab.
    • Select a data source from the drop-down list.
    • Drop data fields onto the Argument and Value cells to define the series’ points.


  4. Filter series data.

    • Switch to the Properties tab.
    • Click the FilterString property’s ellipsis button.
    • Construct filter criteria in the invoked FilterString Editor and click OK.


  5. Use the same steps to add a series of the Point type.

Customize the Chart

Improve the chart’s appearance:

  • Remove the chart legend because the chart series are bound to the same data. Select Legend in the chart elements tree and disable the Visibility property in the Options tab.


  • Select the Label node under Series 1 and disable the Visibility property to hide point labels.

  • Customize the Series 2 markers’ appearance. Set Size to 12 and Kind to Inverted Triangle to replace the default circle with an upside down triangle.


  • Customize the chart’s appearance settings. For instance, select Nature Colors from the drop-down Palette list.


Preview and Publish the Report

Switch to Print Preview to preview your report.

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