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Data Sources in Web End-User Report Designer (ASP.NET Core)

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This topic guides you on how to make data available in the Report Designer so that the user can create a data-bound report, and how to manage data sources in the Report Designer.

End-User Tutorials

Review the following end-user tutorials that illustrate how to bind a report to a database in the Report Designer:

Data Source Wizard

You can invoke the Data Source Wizard in the Report Designer if you register data connections or data objects that should be available to the Data Source Wizard. To do this, proceed as described in the following help topics:

To invoke the Data Source Wizard, click Add Data Source in the Report Designer menu, or the Add Data Source button in the** Field List** window.

Field List

The Field List panel in the Report Designer displays only the data sources used in the report you are editing. To display the fields in the Field List window, you must assign a data source to the report that is loaded into Web Report Designer. For a simple/empty report, you can assign the desired data source to the DataSource property of that report. For complex reports, you can use the DataSourceManager methods.

Report Wizard

The Report Wizard includes Data Source Wizard pages that allow the user to add and customize a data source for a newly created report. You must register data connections or data objects as described in the Data Source Wizard section to have the respective data sources appear on the Data Source Wizard pages.

Manage Data Sources