GridControl.ColumnsAutoWidth Property

Gets or sets whether column widths are automatically changed, so that the total column width matches the grid's width. This is a bindable property.

Namespace: DevExpress.Mobile.DataGrid

Assembly: DevExpress.Mobile.Grid.v18.2.dll


public bool ColumnsAutoWidth { get; set; }
Public Property ColumnsAutoWidth As Boolean

Property Value

Type Description

true, to enable the column auto width feature; otherwise, false. The default is true.



This documentation topic describes legacy technology. We no longer develop new functionality for the GridControl and suggest that you use the new DataGridView control instead.

Column widths can be changed automatically, so that the total column width matches the grid's width. In this instance, changing the width of one column automatically changes the widths of other columns.

If the automatic column width calculation is disabled, a column's width is specified by its GridColumn.Width property. If the total column width exceeds the grid's width, a horizontal scrolling feature is enabled, allowing an end-user to scroll grid columns. If you want a column (or columns) to always be displayed on screen regardless of scrolling, manipulate its GridColumn.FixedStyle property.

For more information, see the Fixed Columns document.

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