GridControl Events

The grid control.
Name Description
AutoGeneratingColumn Occurs each time an individual column is auto-generated.
CalculateCustomSummary Allows you to calculate summary values manually.
CustomizeCell Allows you to customize the appearance of cells in the grid.
CustomizeCellDisplayText Enables custom display text to be provided for any data cell.
CustomUnboundColumnData Enables you to populate unbound columns with data, and save changes made by end-users in unbound columns.
EndRowEdit Occurs after a row editor (an in-place editor or edit form, depending on the edit mode set in the grid) is closed and modified cell values are applied or canceled.
GroupRowCollapsed Occurs after a group row has been collapsed.
GroupRowCollapsing Occurs before a group row is collapsed.
GroupRowExpanded Occurs after a group row has been expanded.
GroupRowExpanding Occurs before a group row is expanded.
HorizontalScrollOffsetChanged Occurs after the GridControl.HorizontalScrollOffset property has been changed.
InitNewRow Enables you to initialize newly added rows.
LoadMore Occurs when an end-user scrolls to the bottom of the grid to load new data items.
PopupMenuCustomization Enables you to customize the grid's popup menus.
PullToRefresh Occurs when an end-user pulls the grid down to refresh its content.
RowTap Occurs when a data row is tapped.
SelectionChanged Occurs after the selection has been changed.
SwipeButtonClick Occurs when a swipe button is tapped.
SwipeButtonShowing Occurs before a swipe button is shown when an end-user swipes left to right, or right to left, over a data row.
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