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Data Binding Mechanism in ADO.NET

ADO.NET gives you the means to connect to a database and represent its data as tables that can be bound to data-aware controls.

The BindingSource is a component that simplifies design-time data binding to a database or any class declared in code. All DevExpress data-aware controls can be bound to data with the help of this component. For more information, refer to the BindingSource component article in MSDN. To learn how to bind to a database using the BindingSource component at design time, see the following example: How to: Bind GridControl to Database and Implement Master-Detail Mode at Design Time

The DataSet is a major component of ADO.NET. It represents a collection of tables that you can relate to each other. A DataSet object is automatically created during the design-time setup of the BindingSource component. You can create a DataSet object manually when binding to a database in code. For an example, see How to: Bind a Control to a Database at Runtime.

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