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Real Time Data (RTD) function

The Real-Time Data (RTD) worksheet function enables you to retrieve data in real time from a COM Automation server. For more information on creating a COM Automation server that can be used as a Real-Time Data server for a spreadsheet, refer to the How to create a RealTimeData server for Excel article in MSDN.

By default, the function result is updated by timer at the interval specified by the RealTimeDataOptions.ThrottleInterval property. To update the result manually, set the RealTimeDataOptions.RefreshMode property to the RealTimeDataRefreshMode.Manual value and call the RealTimeData.RefreshData method when required.


RTD(RealTimeServerProgID, ServerName, Topic1, [Topic2], …)

The following table describes the arguments in the above syntax.

Argument Description
RealTimeServerProgID A string that represents the Program ID of the RTD server installed on the local system.
ServerName A string that represents the name of the server on which the RTD server is run. If the RTD server is run locally, the ServerName is an empty string (“”) or can be omitted.
Topic1, [Topic2], … Strings that determine the data being retrieved. At least one topic is required.

A complete sample project is available in the DevExpress Code Examples database at http://www.devexpress.com/example=E5204.