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Functions can be used in formulas to perform simple or complex calculations. You can create a formula with a function that obtains its argument from the result of other functions. A function that is used as an argument is called a nested function. A formula can contain up to 64 levels of nesting. Note that Microsoft Excel versions earlier than Excel 2007 support only 7 levels of nesting, so you can get #VALUE! errors if you save a worksheet with more than 7 levels of nesting in .XLS format.

This document lists the XtraSpreadsheet functions grouped by categories.

You can specify whether function names are always English or whether they are localizable, i.e., correspond to the spreadsheet control’s culture. Set the SpreadsheetBehaviorOptions.FunctionNameCulture property to FunctionNameCulture.English to retain English names, disregarding the current culture settings.

You can override a built-in worksheet function using the FunctionWrapper class. This functionality enables you to calculate standard functions differently in your applications.

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