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Navigation Pane

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This document contains the following sections.

This document consists of the following sections:

Built-In Panels

The navigation pane is used to display thumbnails, bookmarks, and attachments. You can open (close) Page Thumbnails, Bookmarks or Attachments panel using the corresponding tab in the navigation pane.


Bookmarks Panel

This panel displays bookmarks from the current PDF file, if any are present.


The Options drop-down list shows bookmark settings.


The table below describes these settings and lists the API used to specify the corresponding option in code.

Option Description API
Expand Current Bookmarks Expands selected bookmark. PdfOutlinesExpandCurrentCommand
Collapse/Expand Top-Level Bookmarks Expands or collapses all bookmarks. PdfOutlinesExpandCollapseTopLevelCommand
Hide After Use Specifies whether to hide the panel after an outline was clicked. PdfOutlineViewerSettings.HideAfterUse
Text Size Gets or sets the size of the bookmark nodes. PdfOutlineViewerSettings.TextSize
Wrap Long Bookmarks Specifies whether to wrap long bookmark names. PdfOutlineViewerSettings.UseOutlinesForeColor

Attachments Panel

This panel displays the list of file attachments in the current PDF file, if any are present.


When you open an attachment, the Security Warning message appears. Handle the PdfViewer.FileAttachmentOpening event to hide the message box.


Thumbnails Panel

The Page Thumbnails panel displays page thumbnails.


The Options drop-down list shows thumbnail settings. This list can also be accessed from the panel’s context menu.


Option Description Command
Print Page(s) Invokes the Print dialog to print pages that correspond to the selected thumbnails. If there are no selected thumbnails in the panel, all the pages are printed. PdfThumbnailsPrintPagesCommand
Enlarge Page Thumbnails Increases the page thumbnails size. PdfEnlargePageThumbnailsCommand
Reduce Page Thumbnails Decreases the page thumbnails size. PdfReducePageThumbnailsCommand

You can use the zoom slider or Ctrl+Mouse Wheel shortcut to enlarge/reduce thumbnails.



The PDF Viewer provides the following API to customize the navigation pane:

Action Properties Events
Change the pane’s visibility PdfViewer.NavigationPaneVisibility
Display only specific panels PdfViewer.NavigationPanePageVisibility  
Change active page PdfViewer.NavigationPaneInitialSelectedPage
Specify the pane’s width PdfViewer.NavigationPaneWidth


The NavigationPaneSelectedPage property does not select a page on the navigation pane if the selected page is hidden using the PdfViewer.NavigationPanePageVisibility property or set to the panel that does not appear for the current document (for example, if the document does not contain bookmarks).

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