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Customize Themes

You can customize themes with the following approaches.


Create a new theme with a custom palette and apply the theme to an application.

The following code sample creates a new custom palette, applies it to the Office2016ColorfulSE theme, and uses the palette in an application:

var custompalette = new ThemePalette("CustomPalette");
custompalette.SetColor("Foreground", (Color)ColorConverter.ConvertFromString("#FFFF7200"));
custompalette.SetColor("Backstage.Focused", Colors.White);
var customtheme = Theme.CreateTheme(custompalette, Theme.Office2016ColorfulSE);
ApplicationThemeHelper.ApplicationThemeName = customtheme.Name;

You can use this approach only for the Palette Themes.

WPF Theme Designer

The WPF Theme Designer is a standalone tool that allows you to modify and create new themes based on built-in DevExpress WPF Application Themes. You can customize a theme in the following ways:

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