GridColumn Members

An abstract class that serves as the base class for grid columns.


Name Description
AllowSortProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.AllowSort bindable property.
CaptionProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.Caption bindable property.
DisplayFormatProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.DisplayFormat bindable property.
EditFormCaptionProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.EditFormCaption bindable property.
FieldNameProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.FieldName bindable property.
FixedStyleProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.FixedStyle bindable property.
GroupCaptionDisplayFormatProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.GroupCaptionDisplayFormat bindable property.
GroupCaptionTemplateProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.GroupCaptionTemplate bindable property.
GroupIntervalProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.GroupInterval bindable property.
HeaderCaptionLineBreakModeProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.HeaderCaptionLineBreakMode bindable property.
HeaderContentTemplateProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.HeaderContentTemplate bindable property.
HorizontalContentAlignmentProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.HorizontalContentAlignment bindable property.
IsGroupedProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.IsGrouped bindable property.
IsReadOnlyProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.IsReadOnly bindable property.
IsVisibleProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.IsVisible bindable property.
MaxWidthProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.MaxWidth bindable property.
MinWidthProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.MinWidth bindable property.
SortIndexProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.SortIndex bindable property.
SortModeProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.SortMode bindable property.
SortOrderProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.SortOrder bindable property.
TotalSummaryTemplateProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.TotalSummaryTemplate bindable property.
UnboundExpressionProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.UnboundExpression bindable property.
UnboundTypeProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.UnboundType bindable property.
VerticalContentAlignmentProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.VerticalContentAlignment bindable property.
WidthProperty static Identifies the GridColumn.Width bindable property.


Name Description
ActualCaption Gets the column caption as it is displayed in a column header.
AllowSort Specifies whether end users can sort data by the column.
Caption Gets or sets the caption displayed in the column header.
DisplayFormat Gets or sets the pattern used to format cell values of the column.
EditFormCaption Specifies the caption of the editor associated with the current column in the edit form.
FieldName Gets or sets the name of the data source's field associated with the grid column, or serves as an identifier for unbound columns.
FixedStyle Gets or sets whether a column is fixed.
GroupCaptionDisplayFormat Gets or sets the pattern used to construct group row captions.
GroupCaptionTemplate Gets or sets the template that defines the visual representation of a group row caption.
GroupInterval Gets or sets how data rows are combined into groups.
HeaderCaptionLineBreakMode Specifies how to handle the caption text if it cannot fit on one line.
HeaderContentTemplate Gets or sets the template that defines the visual representation of the column header.
HorizontalContentAlignment Gets or sets the horizontal alignment of the column's content.
IsGrouped Gets or sets whether the grid's data is grouped by the current column.
IsReadOnly Gets or sets whether users are allowed to change cell values in the column.
IsUnbound Gets whether the column is unbound.
IsVisible Gets or sets whether the column is visible in the grid.
MaxWidth Gets or sets the column's maximum width.
MinWidth Gets or sets the column's minimum width.
SortIndex Gets or sets the column's position among sorted columns.
SortMode Specifies whether the grid should sort or group data by column values or display text.
SortOrder Gets or sets the column's sort order.
TotalSummaryTemplate Gets or sets the template that defines the visual representation of the column's total summary.
UnboundExpression Gets or sets an expression used to calculate values for the unbound column.
UnboundType Gets or sets whether the column is unbound, and the type of data the unbound column stores.
VerticalContentAlignment Gets or sets the vertical alignment of the column's content.
Width Gets or sets the column's width.


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